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Voltors Online|Cap 80|PVE|CH Only|Old School|Low Rate|Auto Events|Opening

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  • Voltors Online|Cap 80|PVE|CH Only|Old School|Low Rate|Auto Events|Opening

    I recently started playing on Voltors Online and would like to get more players on it naturally

    Hello !

    Today we present to you our new server Voltors Online


    Opening Date : 1-12-2017

    File Vsro
    Cap 80
    PetCap 80
    GearCap 8
    Race CH
    Mastery 240
    Advanced Elixir Enabled
    Event So-Ok Enabled
    Battle Arena Enabled
    FTW Hotan
    MaxPlus 10
    Magic Pop Disable
    PC Limit 3
    BOT Enabled
    Silk H Enabled
    EXP 60x
    ExpParty 100x
    Item Drop 3x
    Gold Drop low
    Sox Drop 1x
    TRADE Custom
    PLUS Custom
    Tablet Disable
    STONE Enabled
    Party Mob Enabled
    Gold 5000000
    SP 50000
    60% Exp Helper 1x
    100% Exp. Helper 1x
    HP Recovery 1000x
    MP Recovery potion 1000x
    Beginner Exp (150%) 3x
    Return Scroll 50x
    Reverse Return Scroll 10x
    Speed 10x
    Gold Pig Summon 3Day 1x
    Red Dragon Cape 1x
    Devil's Spirit B grade 5% 7Day 1x
    Start Items

    1 / 1
    Silk Coin 10000
    Potion 1000
    Lucky 500
    Scroll Return 50
    Arrow 5000
    Potion Pet 1000
    Stone 1000
    Stacks Items

    1 / 1
    • Useful Scrolls:
    Useful Scrolls
    • Old School map:
    • Old Pvp Capes:
    • Launcher:
    • Intro:

    first players 100 reached max level get reward

    Max skill 80 and mastery 240
    • Trade System:

    Trade buy and sell one town
    1* 3m 18m
    2* 5m 33m
    3* 8m 51m
    4* 12m 76m
    5* 21m 131m
    Fire Bull 1x Slot
    • NPC and Item Special:
    1. change all item normal to +5 and some blue so that you can relax more easily in the rating
    2. D8 Sos & Moon Drop and D8 Sun add in npc special buy Gold|Coin and also drop on job Temple Unique and weapon and shield get by FGW
    3. some special item add in npc special parry & attack scroll , Dimension Hole ,Damage abs,Damage inc,Lucky Powder D1 ,Adv B Normal and Sox by silk coin
    4. Old avatar delete from item mall and Re add to Npc
    5. Premium Plus
    npc and item
    • Forgotten World:

    These are required to obtain Weapon or Shield Sun D8

    Togui Village Cards and Rate
    Red tears Normal
    Western Scriptures Normal
    Togui mask Normal
    Red talisman Normal
    Puppet Normal
    Dull kitchen knife Normal
    Spell paper Hard
    Elder staff Hard
    Forgotten World
    • Silk:

    Silk can be obtained from
    • Per hour /1 silk per 1 hour
    • Event
    • Silk Coin:

    Silk coin can be obtained from
    • Battle Arena
    • CTF
    • Uniques
    • Job Temple quests
    • Filter Features:

    • Automatic events:
    • Question And Answer
      is a question and answers, there will be a random question and you will need to
      PM the Volt[Event] bot with the right answer.
    • Hide and seek
      H&S Volt[Event] will Start The Going to some place, waiting to be discovered by any player.
    • Lucky Party Number
      Lucky Reform Number is an event starts record what last current party number. the player who achive that target reform will win.
    • GM Killer
      Bot will spawn at Some place and you have to kill him.
      that last hit the winning blow so anyone can join and win!
    • Lucky Global
      its a lottery event started by listen to all Global`s and record it in special time , winner will be random 1 player from all global writers.
    • Last Man Standing
      Last Man Standing event. how it work !
      It will be announced that the event will start in 10 minuets. You will have 5 minuets to register.
      Then Pm Volt[Event]: "Reg" you will get a message with successful registration.
      You cannot reg if you are in job mode.
      if event start you will be teleport to area event and you will be in PK and last Hero to live will win the event.
    • Lottery Gold
      Event Lottery Gold


    Update log
    • Update log
    • increase Exp / Gold
    • add avatar by Silk coin
    • increase Stone/Att
    • add pet 3 page
    • Auto equipment D7

    Update 12/13/2017
    • add new avatar in item mall
    • fix drop FGW
    • fix quest in temple job
    • fix reward reach level up
    • add silk coin reward too reach level to

    Update 12/19/2017
    • -Temple job decrease mobs
    • -fix drop fgw
    • -fix some quest in temple
    • -change price of dmg in shop silk coin
    • -add auto event and if you have any problem or bug on auto -event pleas ticket in website with your problem
    • -add new avatar
    • -fix guild emblem
    • -Academy is enable now with unique kill you can`t invite and player can`t join in your academy to

    Update 12/23/2017
    • fixed quest job reset
    • add stone in npc by silk coin ( stone also drop to)
    • temple are back with incresed mob
    • jangan cave are closed now
    • fixed something like return,revers dc
    • change HWid to 3

    Update 12/31
    • add gold and silver coin
    • sun gear and accessory is available only in NPC by silk coin , gold coin , silver coin
    • sun Weapon,Shield available in Forgotten World
    • increased drop of silk coin from mob in Temple job
    • add 2 unique in temple job (Volt Witch - Volt Cow)

    Volt (witch-cow) drop rate
    1. immortal 2-3 amount
    2. silk coin 40-100 amount
    3. gold/silver 10-20 amount
    4. revers 2-5 amount
    5. Global 2-5 amount

    Voltors Online Old School Win to Play|Pay to Play !


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