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  • Rules and Guidelines

    By registering on our forums, you are accepting our rules and regulations, and you
    accept to follow them, unless you want to be suspended from the forums.

    We tend to update and change our rules and regulations.
    Final say regarding any discussion goes to board administration.
    All of the rules below are written by the staff members, and we keep the rights to remove
    every member that breaks one of our rules without warning.

    - Advertising forbidden activities, websites, or pornography websites is highly forbidden.
    - Advertising malware of any kind, sharing the links for those malwares is highly forbidden.
    - You are not allowed to manipulate personal rating, or someone elses rating by using multiple accounts.
    - We do not allow spam on the forums or through private message system.
    - Sharing violent content is highly forbidden.
    - You are not allowed to impersonate a member of administration board.
    - You are not allowed to use inappropriate words as your nickname, or part of your nickname.
    - Insulting people on their national or religious grounds will lead into permanent account and IP ban.
    - Opening threads or posting replies that contain a word or two is not allowed. Keep spamming out of the forums.
    - You are not allowed to use extremely bright colors when posting, or adding similar text into your signature box.

    Members of administration keep the rights to suspend your account and/or IP without sharing a warning first, but
    we tend to warn first.